Tuesday, 30 December 2008

dear 2008, it's time to say goodbye.....

Time flies away day by day..we are coming towards the end of 2008...
First of all, thank God for such a wonderful year...
i became an undergrat on 9th of Jan,
i celebrated my fifth birthday and my first big 2 on 29th of Feb,
i passed my first year law with 2.1 on 13th of Jul,
i witnessed the success of China in organising the greatest Olympic ever on 8th of Aug,
i came to the uk to pursue my studies on 27th of Sep
i lost my grandmother on 11th of Dec,
i paid a visit to Paris on 13th of Dec..
There are happy moments and of course sad moment,
Thank God for leading and guiding me throughout the year..
Thank God for my family and friends..They are the one who i care the most..

Goodbye dear 2008, i will miss u...May God continue to be with us in the coming 2009..cheers!!

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