Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Bienvenue Le Parisien sky.....

went to Paris with friends Eric and Lea on 13th of Dec..My fisrt impression of Paris is not really good because the streets and the underground are quite dirty but these are all forgivable as Paris is more than beautiful...so romantic..so eyes catching..and so touching...Ja'dore Paris...:)

we went there by using Eurostar.

the train station

our first meal in Paris is McD and its french!!

Centre G. Pompidou, Marc Jacobs favourite gallery in Paris.

there are even condoms vending machines in Paris..how sweet of them..

the gorgeous Eiffel Tower..its blue because France is currently the head of the European Union and the ring of stars is the symbol of the European Union, its there not because of christmas..hehe

the lift to go up..

the city

Arc de Triumphe

the famous champs elysee....

the louis vuitton's headquarter

the eye of paris

familiar to you?? for those who watched 'the devil wears prada', this is where Andrea threw away her t-mobile phone when Miranda phoned her.


La Defense

the beautiful and artistic underground..

Notre Dame

i wrote a message of peace

a lot of people did the same..

the cruise on river Sainne..

Avenue Montaigne

Tuileries...my favourite place in Paris..

Jardin des Tuileries

At Tuileries, u can find wonderful and exciting stores like marc by marc jacobs and Colette..

Le Lourve

can u see me..haha

Mona Lisa smiled at me...

i am speechless even till now...

treasures of the french royal family..

the coronation crown of Louis Auguste XV, the husband of Marie Antoinette. how i wish i got the chance to wear it once...


sad...Venus's nipple is broken...

Venus's shaggy butt...-.-

the sphinx

Ramsus the Second..the stupid pharoah during Moses's time.

Gold plated coffin..


a hot guy i met in Lourve..

Le code de Hammurabi

Lourve at night..my IQ increased alot after the visit..

a performer in the metro

Basilique du Sacre-couer..

the view of the city in the morning..

Galeries Lafayette

took a photo before we left to london....aurevoir..

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