Thursday, 2 October 2008


Before i come to the UK, i heard a lot of people told me that the living expenses in the uk is terribly, horribly and 'vegetably' high....Well, nothing is impossible as there is a saying that 'if there is a will to save, there is a way'...These few days, i went to the town to do some shopping with friends and thought we gonna spend 'a fortune' just to buy some stuff for our daily needs and guess what..we found some stores with great deals...

This is the 99PENCE store located in the town centre. the store sells a great range of stuff from food to shampoos just for 99 pence each!!!

24 sponge cakes for 99 pence..

Besides, Sainsbury is also a must-go for those who wanted to save their pennies...They always have lots of promotion on food and other stuff..

a packet of apples for 0ne pound...

me and my friend's dinner from sainsbury..Both the curry chicken rice and the bolognese Spaghetti cost 75 pence each!!

So, to all the potential uk goers...always remember..'If there is a will, there is a way!!'

after shopping...happy?! Erm ..not sure bout tat..

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