Thursday, 2 October 2008

life in the hall.........

Well, i am not a stranger to living in student hall as i used to stay in Taylors' student hall for two years....But, one thing for sure is, Wessex Hall( the hall i m staying now )is way of better than Taylors student hall!! Here are some pics of my hall.. the main entrance of Wessex hall at night( obviously,duh...)

my ROOM---

ThE view from my window..nice?!

The kitchen...

The corridor i walk through the nice wooden smell here!!

cook my own dinner..mushroom soup and alfredo(according to my friend)...

Alfredo...never know that i am talented in cooking..haha.just joking!!;p

mushroom soup

Cant wait to eat..Hungry!!

A tree outside the hall. Dunno what is it..but its some plants u can normally see in the christmas cards..

My hall

Another pic of my hall.

Camo..haha..posing for fun..its 5 degree celcius but still wearing leh..

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