Tuesday, 7 October 2008

London.....Here i come.......

Like i said...went london for my weekend...its nice but i still prefer Reading as the lifestyle in London is hectic and busy....but its nice for sure...joined the city tour organised by St.Georges of University of London...so..got to visit a lot of places...passed by London eye...forgot to take pictures of it..arrrrgggggh..anyway...managed to take others...so..enjoy..

my friend Shirlie and her sister Nellie..

tower of london built by William the conquerer...used to be the palace of King Henry vIII and as prison for aristocrats..

the statute of Julius Caesar in front of the London wall

the tour guide..

the tower bridge

the well known london bridge

HMS Belstaff which has been used in Korean war!

streets of london

the bank of London

Magistrate's court

St. Paul's Cathedral

the double decker...

middle temple inn...

the court of Royal Justice...

streets of London

Lesceiter Square - China Town..

went to have dinner in a chinese restaurant which costs GBP 50.60....for what we have eaten..!!

Char Kuey Tiaw

tofu with minced pork

roasted pork

roasted duck

china town at night...

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