Wednesday, 30 December 2009

2010 New Year Resolution

Time flies...with the speed of blinking eyes. We are heading towards the very end of 2009. it is quite a smooth year for me...i managed to do most of the things listed on my 2009 new year resolution..Thank God for guiding me and my love ones throughout the year..For HE is amazing!! Looking forward to 2010 and hope it will be another great year for me and my love ones..

Here is my 2010 new year resolution:
1. Graduating from the law school with at least second class 1st division honour
2. spend lesser..(haha)
3. Read 5 books ( non-law )
4. learn to be a even better christian,son,brother,friend
5. stay true and cool
6. serve God more
7. polish my piano's skills
8. take up some jobs during summer for gaining experiences

Thats all....once again...Thank God for such a wonderful year..May all of us grow and prosper in the love of God in the coming year. Happy 2010 to all^^

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