Monday, 9 March 2009

beautiful quotes to share with..

1. Stick your hand on a hot stove, and you'll be amazed how quickly you remove it. But love, which can hurt far worse, has a way of bringing us back again and again for more and more pain.

2. If I ever walk away from u..u probably won't even bother asking me to stay..
But if u walk away from me..I will bag u to stay..

Do u see how unfair this is?
That I'lll do anything to hold on to u, while u don't even care if im in your life or not.

3. 问世间,情是何物,直教生死相许。天南地北双飞客,老翅几回寒暑。欢乐趣,离别苦。就中更有痴儿女,君应有语,渺万里层云,千山暮雪,只影为谁去。

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