Wednesday, 21 January 2009

chinese new year....

Apart from Christmas, chinese new year is my favourite festival since i was a kid. This year, i have to celebrate chinese new year in the UK....-.-..A few days ago, i have a small chat with my mum as usual. She told me that Sibu is now very crowded and u can see people and cars everywhere...( wheregot economic crisis?? )I can actually imagine the situation as i used to be in the crowd for the past twenty years.Like what Daniel said:" just yesterday, it was the previous chinese new year.." i totally agree with him...The 2008 cny is still fresh in my mind and now we are about to celebrate the 2009 cny..

Luckily, i still have some friends over here to celebrate cny with...cny without lanterns, fire crackers, and friends and the most important is..NO ANG PowS.................T.T..this is soooooo boring........Anyway...i hope everyone of u have a great, nice, happening and sweet chinese year...For those in Sibu.........., i am JEALOUS of u guys....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a friendly reminder to all of u: eat and drink less junk more careful when u play fireworks...!!

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